Biopharmaceutical companies and their trade associations face the growing challenge to maintain a complex web of critical relationships as their operations expand while government purchasers experience limited reimbursement budgets. Trade association leaders and staff likewise face shifting political currents in the healthcare policy arena. Negotiations research shows that between 50 and 70 percent of business relationships fail to meet their objectives. Poor or damaged working relationships between negotiation parties account for this failure.

Companies and trade associations understand that to succeed in today's commercial and "policy" market they must earn the trust of government officials and leverage the value of multiple important constituents. Monere helps its clients put into place a simple and effective infrastructure to track and improve essential relationships while preparing management teams to execute negotiations for success.

We do this by delivering practical and tested relationship management techniques to global biopharmaceutical corporations and their trade associations. The systematic stakeholder management process was developed by a team of country general managers and market access professionals under the direction of Mike O'Neill, then Vice President of International Government Affairs at Wyeth Pharmaceuticals. The model succeeded in helping affiliate operations exceed their commercial targets by enabling the general manager to have explicit transparency over who on his or her team "owned" a specific critical relationship and what precise actions those staff members were taking to ensure the relationship contributed to the overall success of a product reimbursement goal.

The strategic negotiations training Monere offers as part of its customized solutions for clients stems from the Harvard Negotiation Project (HNP). Monere retains Vantage Partners to do our negotiations work with clients. Mark Gordon, our principal collaborator, was a co-founder of Conflict Management Inc. in 1984, and of Vantage Partners in 1997. Mark has been working with HNP since 1980, and serves as HNP's Senior Advisor. He concentrates on helping companies build lasting capabilities in the areas of negotiation and relationship management. Vantage's "circle of value" negotiations model enables clients to capture maximum value in a deal while enhancing trust with the Officials making the buying and/or policy decision.

Mike O'Neill, President, Monere Consulting
Mark Gordon, Vantage Partners and Monere Consulting
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