The Harvard Negotiation Project (HNP) developed at Harvard Law School was the first interdisciplinary research center on negotiation in the world. Its mission centers on conducting research and developing theories of effective negotiation and dispute resolution. Mark Gordon and his peers at Harvard led this effort. In 1997, to apply HNP geopolitical negotiation approaches to commercial challenges, Mark founded Vantage Partners. Mark and his partners collaborate with and are managed by Monere for its specific reimbursement and policy services.

Monere uses highly interactive methods to teach participants negotiation skills--preparation and execution-- through a tested 7-element process in:

Theory (understanding interests vs. positions)
Preparation (design and analyze the possible deal methodically)
Execution (make it happen and find the maximum value for both sides)
The "circle of value" approach we apply to your specific product or policy challenges requires your participants to quickly integrate what they learn into resolving your company reimbursement objective or association policy issue.

Copyright (c) 2008 by Vantage Partners, LLC. Used with permission.

Monere's team analyzes your participants' negotiation skills with their peers. We focus exclusively on your company's product challenges or your association's lead policy issues being decided with government. This hands-on application will enhance how your teams prepare for and conduct stakeholder discussions.