Monere has customized its services to address the unique challenges of biopharmaceutical companies and their trade associations. Each participant is expected to contribute actively during the 3-day program. Our prior experience demonstrates that groups of up to 24 participants maximum are optimal for getting results you should expect from this program.

Company Participants: This service focuses on the needs and responsibilities of certain head office staff and affiliate general managers along with their leadership teams. Head office participants include many departments interacting with affiliates and approving affiliate proposals via global pricing or market access committees. While not directly on the "firing line" of reimbursement negotiations, head office staffs often need to approve pricing strategy, assess possible risk-share deals or offer options affiliate managers can use with local authorities. They need to speak the same "language" of negotiation options and understand stakeholder relationships. For country managements, the General Manager must lead the participants list and have his / her direct reports and the disciplines listed below included.

Association Participants: As the majority of association staff will be in the head office, the program follows the same outline as with company head office projects. Some associations, however, have "local work groups" in several countries. These groups generally comprise affiliate general managers and their public/government affairs professionals. The program focus here is on specific policy advocacy and conducting negotiations with the government ministries and parliamentary officials responsible for approving that policy. Where such local groups agree to engage Monere, we recommend a trade association representative from the head office also participate.