Monere's two approaches, Systematic Stakeholder Management and Strategic Negotiations Execution, have been applied in Europe, Canada, Asia/Pacific and Latin America during the past four years. Affiliate General Managers and their direct reports, led by the individual responsible for orchestrating reimbursement or market access, successfully have applied the techniques they learned to product reimbursement objectives. Both approaches form a seamless process that engages the entire country management team to focus on the singular goal. These disciplines have addressed both "offensive" (reimbursement) and "defensive" (minimize government cost containment impact) concerns. Biopharmaceutical trade associations likewise encounter constant government challenges and must earn policymakers trust to achieve the association's policy goals. Monere's expertise can help your teams build and maintain more effective relationships critical to your business and your organization's success.

Outlined in the links are a series of successful outcomes addressing a variety of challenges achieved in large measure through applying these Stakeholder and Negotiations approaches. Companies considering Monere services can inquire about other countries case studies. The successful examples below demonstrate a wide breadth of reimbursement challenges. They aim to illustrate how country management teams have applied these disciplines to achieve commercial targets while enhancing trust with crucial stakeholders.

Italy :
Oncology therapy-from risk-sharing to pay for performance
Canada :
reimbursement in a region for a new indication of a biotech product
Austria :
reducing restrictive reimbursement criteria to provide a biotech product broad access
Argentina :
negotiating reimbursement with the leading health maintenance organization
Korea :
negotiating with a doctor's association over a vaccine price
Hungary :
negotiating a risk-share agreement to maintain reimbursement for a biotech product
Taiwan :
negotiating toward a national immunization program
Japan :
negotiating to change a reimbursement statute affecting a biotech product