For either head office or affiliate (in country) projects of 24 participants maximum, Monere has designed a 3-day program:
2 days application of the systematic stakeholder management and strategic negotiations approaches, including small group (3-4 participants) preparation of negotiation proposals for the "mock government commission".
1 day of mock negotiations on the company's product reimbursement or association's policy goals with each group receiving Monere facilitator feedback and peer perspectives.

This 3-day approach seeks to minimize client travel and meeting expense without sacrificing content. Monere will modify this program if the client wishes, understanding that the trade-off involves added transaction costs.

Once a client commits to a project, Monere will:

Meet with the client's project liaison to complete brief product or policy summaries to be provided in advance to participants to ensure the goals are well understood.
Create 1-page mock government commission member profiles pursuant to the specific country reimbursement or policy decision-making structure of the project.
Agree with the client on the few senior company or trade association leaders to sit on the mock commission as well as any outsiders (e.g., former government officials, health economists etc., recognizing their involvement may require a reasonable per diem cost to the client).

Customized Help in Actual Negotiations: Should companies and trade associations embrace what we teach and apply it vigorously in their operations, they later may require expert help preparing for actual meetings with reimbursement authorities and policymakers. Monere will provide per diem quotes on demand for such assistance.