Day 1
Program objectives/overview
Systematic Stakeholder Management:
7-step approach to good analysis
Applying process to client's concerns
Roundtable discussion on specific uses:
At head office
In affiliates
Strategic Negotiations Execution
Workshop format
Participant's role
Elements in preparation
Classical/positional bargaining
Negotiation guidelines: 7 elements
(hands-on exercises in each section)
Day 2
Systematic approach to influence
Dealing with the hard bargainer
Making difficult conversations productive
Managing multi-party negotiations
(hands-on exercises in each section)
Applying 7 elements to client challenges
Analytic group work with moderator
Rappoteur feedback, group discussion
Preparation for mock negotiation
Instructions for small (3-4 people) groups
Each group works on negotiation proposal/presentation
Quick group dinner in hotel
Groups may need to work after dinner to finish presentations
Day 3
Reprise on ground rules for mock government negotiations
Each group has 1 hour for discussion with government

45 minutes to present proposal and have dialogue with

15 minutes for Monere facilitator critique, comments
from peers

Same process for the 6-8 groups
Monere summary:
Embedding stakeholder management process in your

Practicing negotiation, making it part of your daily